The Science of Speaking (2018)

with Melissa Enge

In a world of tweets, posts, texts, and likes, what use is public speaking? According to a large and growing body of research, it’s even more important than ever!

Whether you’re presenting a final project in school, giving a progress report to your team, or preparing for the talk of a lifetime at TED, this book will help you succeed.

As you delve into the science behind effective speaking, you will learn how:

 ❖  vocal variation can double what your audience remembers
❖  gestures can make your content five times as memorable
❖  enthusiasm is the most important quality for a speaker
❖  and much, much more!

Based on the latest research in communication psychology, The Science of Speaking is a comprehensive guide covering everything you need to know to succeed at speaking!


Waltzing: A Manual for Dancing and Living (2013)

with Richard Powers

Waiting Cover

In the 85 chapters of this guidebook, you will find many ideas about waltzing, dancing, and living. Dance descriptions and tips to improve your dancing are accompanied by down-to-earth ways to find greater fulfillment in your dancing and in your life.

25 different kinds of waltz and 86 waltz variations are completely described, with a concise compendium of an additional hundred variations, accompanied by 50 illustrations of waltzing through the ages.

Then beyond waltzing, much of this book applies to all forms of social dancing. You’ll learn how you can be a better dance partner, how to develop your style and musicality, how to improvise more confidently, how to learn new dances by observation, and how to create your own social dance variations.

You’ll also learn about the many ways that the practice of social dancing can enrich our lives. Drawing on the latest research in social psychology, Waltzing includes chapters on the essential benefits of: music, physical activity, connection, play, mindfulness, acceptance, conditional learning, and many other topics.


The Art and Practice of Loving: Living a Heartfelt Yes (2010)

by Frank Andrews, with a foreword by Nick Enge


Earth’s the right place for love:
I don’t know where it’s likely to go better.


One goal transcends all others, one purpose heightens all others, one emotion brings joy to all others: to love fully and without conditions. The most wise men and women of all religious and philosophical traditions have taught the art and practice of loving. Now for the first time, their knowledge has been distilled and collected in this one volume—with 144 practices for cultivating a loving heart.

This is a unique and practical guidebook for loving—deeply and continuously—regardless of what happens to you as you go through life. With the inspiring quotations, valuable exercises, and insightful text of this volume, you can gain the skill and the will to turn living into loving.